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San Francisco Writer’s Conference

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

I met a lot of good writers and a bunch of fast lane literary agents in San Francisco last weekend at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Best selling author, Steve Barry, gave a dynamite talk on plot development–very cool. There was quite a bit of interest in The Middle Fork and some were taking a look at the new book in the works working titled, “Spanish Pieces of Eight.”

Writer’s Workshop

Monday, February 15th, 2010

What a thrill to teach 4 classes at the Los Altos High School Writer’s Week. Around 38 authors were there throughout the week. In advance the classes were given chapter 13 of “The Middle Fork” to read. It is a climactic point in the book where the river finally gets the best of the kayakers. Emotions are strained and catastrophe is in the air. Not knowing the exact setting of the book was the wilds of Idaho, the studends knew it took place in the wilderness and guessed Colorado and the Yukon. In one class the students each told of a near death experience that they have encountered. I was surprised to hear of so many car accidents. To my great delight, many of the kids wanted to know what happened next in The Middle Fork, confirming many reader comments that the novel is a page turner.

Writer’s Week Workshop

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

The Los Altos High School Writer’s Week is coming up and I thought I’d talk about observing and being aware. Clearly a writer of fiction needs to do it for not only scene but character development. But non-fiction, even business articles, benefit from an awaremness of the writers environment.

Separately, thanks to my friend Tracy for his keen insight into the nature and environmental ideas in “The Middle Fork.” Maybe the passion of the character’s political views are secondary to the wilderness adventure itself?